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Piraeus Bank became a sponsor of the contest «Entrepreneurial talent in Ukraine 2013»
29 November 2013

Kyiv, Piraeus Bank became a partner of the contest «Entrepreneurial talent of Ukraine 2013» with 175 participants in eight categories. Appraisement of the competitive projects was conducted by well known in business community people with an active living position, deep knowledge and experience in both Ukrainian and international business.

According to the information from the Bank’s press service, Svetlana Cherkay, Piraeus Bank in Ukraine member of the management board, entered into the judges of the contest and appraised projects in categories «Eco-business» and «Family traditions in business». As stated S.Cherkay: «Each of the participants of the contest is an example of motivation, resolution and desire to win and each of the proposed projects is worth of attention. This is the place where the participants become successful business women, who latter serve as an example and inspiration for those Ukrainians who only dream about own business».

«Entrepreneurship Workshop» conference was held as a part of the contest’s final. During it the participants had an opportunity to visit a unique marathon of master classes. Motivating by personal example towards new accomplishments, competent and successful people shared valuable experience, conducted education and trainings on how to organize and conduct own business, discussed innovation strategies in business development and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Basic concepts of financial prosperity described Tatiana Kochereva, Piraeus Bank in Ukraine Area Manager of Central Region. During her speech T.Kochereva explained key moments in credit card issue, favorable loan arrangements as well as ways how not to get into a financial trap while receiving a credit card. As commented T.Kochereva during the master class: «Along with a credit card the customer receives not just a loan but a convenient loan mechanism that works for the client. In order to choose the best option among a wide variety of credit card offers, you should consider your lifestyle and how to manage your finances. Such approach will allow you to choose the best card that will meet your needs exactly».

Thus, Piraeus Bank offers to individuals credit cards with a unique in the Ukrainian market interest rate – 1.99% per month (23.88% per annum) on actually used amount of credit limit after the grace period regardless of card’s type – Visa Gold or Visa Classic. The term of grace period reaches 51-day during which interest rate equals 0.0001% per annum. After the grace period the client may repay the full amount of the debt or the minimum payment at the rate of 10% of the debt in order to proceed using loyal interest rate.

«Considering the product terms credit card allows customers to use additional funds any time they need, without spending time to visit bank’s branch or fill the documents for receiving loan, etc. In this case unlike the other types of loans, the credit card allows to use money for free almost for two months», – adds Tatiana Kochereva, Piraeus Bank in Ukraine Area Manager of Central Region.

Apart from workshop on financial prosperity, there were master classes about promotion in social networks, development of family business, attraction of the international investors, workshop on how to translate a hobby into business and many others. After completing a master class a grand gala ceremony was held during which the judges and the organizers of the contest awarded winners of the contest «Entrepreneurial talent of Ukraine in 2013».

«Amway Ukraine» together with the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs holds unprecedented national contest «Entrepreneurial talent of Ukraine» for the second time. The specific of the project is that women who are the developers, owners or co-owners of micro, small or medium sized business can participate in it and receive an award in different nominations.

Note. Piraeus Bank Group is one of the major banking institutions of Southern and Eastern Europe. Piraeus Group's pro-forma total assets amount to €95 bn, net loans to €63 bn and customer deposits to €55 bn (at the end of June 2013).

Piraeus Bank entered the Ukrainian market in 2007.

Piraeus Bank has the highest rating of deposits reliability provided by "Credit-Rating" Agency (grade "5"as of latest rating of 29.10.2013).

The Bank is authorized by the Pension Fund of Ukraine to make payments of pensions and financial assistance. The Bank is a member of Fund of Guaranteeing the Deposits of Individuals and Forum of Leading International Financial institutions (FLIFI).

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