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Piraeus Bank unifies tariffs for credit card’s servicing
04 March 2015

Piraeus Bank will establish consistent tariff for commission fee for credit cards’ holders for cash withdrawals at ATMs and banks of Ukraine, that become valid on February 27, states the bank’s press service with reference to retail banking department.

According to new tariffs, the commission rate for withdrawing cash from ATMs and banks of Ukraine  will equal 5% + 15 UAH. Similar commission will be applied to transfers from card to card and other transfers that do not involve the receipt of goods or services, as well as transfer of funds within JSC “Piraeus Bank ICB” on client’s own account via ATM.

Also, the Bank will unify commission for withdrawing cash abroad. Revised tariff description will ve approved as “commission for withdrawing cash from ATMs and banks abroad” and will form 5% + 30 UAH.

In addition, the Bank will establish a monthly fee for loan administration at 0.75% of the actual debt for credit card for the last business day of the month, if the credit funds were obtained through ATM or bank cashier. In case of non-cash payments by credit card for goods and services, the commission will not be charged.

For detailed information about commission fee for credit cards’ holders please visit sections “Credit Card” and “Credit card for salary projects”.