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Piraeus Bank started crediting of ISIDA clinic patients with special conditions
23 June 2014

Piraeus Bank, together with ISIDA women's health clinic announced the launch of a special program. According to its terms patients of the clinic may get Piraeus Bank credit card free of charge and use it for a year without paying a service fee. And paying for the clinic services via Piraeus Bank credit card, VISA Classic owners get a 5% discount for all services, owners of VISA Gold enjoy 7% discount.

The maximum amount of the credit limit is UAH 50 000, and a grace period during which you can enjoy the limit used for free is 51 day, provided noncash payment. The period of the application for the credit card approval is 2 working days, and the period of granting is 7 working days.

Svetlana Cherkay, a board member of Piraeus Bank: "Being a part of powerful international group we believe that a stable and long-term development is possible only in case of supporting socially relevant initiatives. The theme of a healthy lifestyle is really important to us, so I'm sure that it’s just the beginning and we will extend our collaboration with the clinic."

Victor Kozin, CEO of ISIDA clinic: “We have always strived to possible partnerships with banks and insurance companies, which would make our services more affordable to the patients. High-quality, and what is the most important, safe medical service can’t be cheap. So far, Ukraine doesn’t have developed, an effective system of health insurance, we have to use other tools to make quality health care affordable. A joint project of ISIDA clinic and Piraeus Bank is an attempt to help our patients, without any delay to obtain a high value - to regain their lost health today."

The Bank’s Credit Card makes it possible to pay any service of the clinic: consultation, analysis, ultrasound investigation, comprehensive programs for infertility treatment, monitoring of pregnancy, childbirth, pediatric observation of one year kid, etc.

Among the documents required for registration you need only passport, ID number and salary certificate. Indoor of ISIDA clinics, that is located at Ivan Lepse Blvd., the representative of the bank is always on hand to give you professional advice and answer all the questions that might appear. Or you can just call the bank branch, located in a convenient place for you. You can find the list of branches following the link:

Information about the clinic

ISIDA clinic was founded in 1992 in Donetsk as a infertility treatment center. In 1995 a branch of ISIDA was founded in Kiev. Currently ISIDA provides obstetric and gynecological services, based on area of 8.3 thousand square meters and presented by two policlinic centers in the capital and by infertility clinic in Donetsk city.
ISIDA is the largest private healthcare network in terms of personnel. The clinic employs about 600 people. ISIDA medical centers specialize in obstetrics, gynecology, theriology and patronage pediatric observation and provides a wide range of health services for women and children.

Information about the Bank

Piraeus Bank was founded in 1916 in Athens. Today Piraeus Bank Group is represented in 10 countries, including Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Cyprus, the UK and Germany, and is one of the most dynamic and highly capitalized financial institutions in Europe.
Piraeus Bank is a member of leading business organizations and associations, and starting from March 2009 keeps the highest rating of deposits (grade "5"), as assessed by "Credit Rating" rating agency.
Piraeus Bank in Ukraine is a reliable financial institution with:
- 100% of foreign capital;
- a wide range of banking services to small and medium-sized businesses as well as to individuals;
- European standards of services;
- a network of offices in 11 regions of Ukraine;
- share capital of UAH 1.6 billion., assets of about UAH 3 billion., deposits of individuals of UAH 1 billion., loan and investment portfolio of UAH 2 billion.