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Piraeus Bank entered TOP-20 of the most robust banks for Q2, 2021
27 August 2021

Minfin has included Piraeus Bank in their TOP-20 listing of the most robust banks for Q2, 2021, which has been based on official and open source information analysis. The rating includes banks with retail deposit portfolios more than UAH 1 billion and used data from the official reporting of banks as of August 16, 2021.

According to the methodology, financial institutions were rated by assessing their resilience to stressed economic environment, the loyalty of depositors and the evaluation of analysts.

The stress resistance of the bank (the ability to withstand internal and external shock economic) comprised indicators such as the dependence on private individuals’ deposits, the quality of funding, the profitability, the liquidity, the capital adequacy and the range of activity.

The indicator for the loyalty of the depositors was related to the bank's clients commitment to their deposits and the success of the bank's activity in the retail segment of the deposit market, determined by the bank's share in the retail deposits market, the growth of the retail deposit portfolio for the quarter as well as the experience in the market and the reputation for being reliable in meeting its obligations.