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Relocation of premises
07 September 2020

Dear clients and partners,

Continuing our communication with you about certain developments in our bank, we would like to inform you that the bank has created a modern space in a recently renovated building in Kyiv at Biloruska Str. 11, in order to relocate its new Head Office as well its Central Branch from its current premises at Illynska Str. 8.  Out of these premises we will be able to serve more efficiently and provide more convenience to our business and private customers, responding to the increasing number of customers who trust our bank. At the same time, for those customers that want to be serviced remotely, they can use our digital platform Winbank. An upgraded version of Winbank will be launched this autumn.
Therefore, in case you are a customer of our branch at Illynska Str. 8, please note that we are relocating this branch to Biloruska str., 11, and the last day of its operation at the current address will be October 8, 2020.
The new Central branch will start servicing customers on October 9, 2020.
Please, pay attention that all accounts of legal entities remain unchanged and will be transferred to the Central branch automatically. If the new location is not suitable for you, please, prepare an application about transferring for servicing to another bank’s branch, namely:

  • Branch #1, Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska str., 132
  • Branch #2, Kyiv, Mira ave., 13
  • Branch #24, Kyiv, Peremogi ave., 9
  • Branch #36, Kyiv, Obolons’kyi ave., 26
  • Branch #40, Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska str., 23

Our private individual clients will have access to their accounts at any branch of the Bank as well as through Winbank. The choice of where and how you wish to be served is totally yours at any time. Every branch and our internet-banking platform Winbank, are all servicing points that you may choose when you interact with our bank.
Since October 2007, when we entered the Ukrainian market, we try to provide excellent services to our customers with safety for your financial assets, evidenced by the business history of more than 100 years of our institution and of our 14-year presence in Ukraine. We are at your disposal and will continue to communicate to you on any developments in our bank we feel that do worth your attention.
We appreciate your continuous support and trust, and we promise you that we will continue to do our best in order to be able to provide you with services of high quality.
If you have any questions you can always contact our call centre on 0 800 30 888 0 or ask for your call to be transferred and speak directly to myself.
We will be happy to service you in our new premises and we invite you to our new Central Branch at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,
Ilias Mouzakis,
Member of the Board of Piraeus Bank