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Piraeus Bank has introduced a service for the sale/purchase of government bonds for private individuals
05 June 2018

Piraeus Bank has introduced a service for the sale/purchase of government bonds by private individuals. Bonds may be purchased in UAH and in foreign currency for a period during which the terms of investment of funds are unchanged and this guarantees a stable income.

The director of Treasury Department of Piraeus Bank Igor Yakobchuk said: "The implementation of such a proposal provides our customers with an additional tool for investing and receiving investment income." In his opinion, today government bonds are one of the most attractive types of domestic investment instruments in terms of profit-risk ratio.

Government bonds are issued by the Ministry of Finance in hryvna, US dollars and euro in a non-documentary form exclusively on the domestic stock market and confirm the state's obligation to recover bearer bonds of their nominal value with payment of income in accordance with the terms of placement of bonds.

According to the words of Mr. I.Yakobchuk, head of treasure department of Piraeus Bank, the advantages of investing in OVDP primarily are higher than the deposits profitability with minimal risks, 100% state guarantee regardless of the size of the investment and the subject of investment (residents or non-residents), the absence of tax on incomes of individuals (in contrast to deposits income taxed at a rate of 18%).

In the case of the buying of bonds denominated in foreign currency investments in them are also protected from devaluation. If necessary, the client may return the funds before the maturity date of bonds by selling Government Bonds.