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Piraeus Bank increased interest rates for saving account “Momentary”
02 April 2015

Piraeus Bank increased interest rates for saving account “Momentary” which provides high interest rate on the balance customers keep in their accounts during a full calendar month states the bank’s press service with reference to Retail banking department.

According to information from the Piraeus Bank’s Retail banking department saving account “Momentary” is offered in three currencies – UAH, US dollar and Euro. The interest rate on the accounts in UAH is 15 % per annum for the stable balance which is kept on the account during one calendar month and 8 % per annum for the rest of the money. Respectively, the interest rates on the account in US dollars is at 3,5 % and 2,5 % per annum and on Euro accounts 2,5 % and 1,5 % per annum. “Momentary” saving account is offered for free and doesn’t require any minimum sum of money in order to be opened as well as no limitations in amounts and quantity of replenishments.

“Momentary” account holders benefit from a monthly interest income as well as to manage their savings through the bank’s internet banking system Winbank and bank’s ATMs 24/7 network having instant access to their funds. Consequently, clients may use their money at their own discretion – provide wire transfers and payments or withdraw cash at the branch or ATM.

For detailed information about saving account “Momentary” please phone the call center: 0 800 30 888 0 (calls from stationary phones within Ukraine are free of charge), visit the bank branch or official web-site