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Piraeus Bank launched a joint project with "AXA Insurance"
26 January 2015

Piraeus Bank launched a joint project with "AXA Insurance" that includes "More than MTPL" and "Doctor on the way" programs. The proposals are available at the branches: № 3 (40 Velyka Zhytomyrska Str, Kyiv city), №7 (11 Knyazhiy Zaton Str, Kyiv city) and at the Customer Service Outlet (8 Illinska Str, Kyiv city).

"More than MTPL" polis allows you to increase the limit of MTPL (MTPL) policy liability for damage of property, life and health of others as a result of an accident that occurred by the fault of the driver. According to the law, the maximum compensation for MTPL insurance policy is UAH 50 000.00 for damage caused to property and UAH 100 000.00 for damage caused to the life and health of the victim. According to statistics, more than 40% of the insurance claims losses exceed these limits. "More than MTPL" polis increases MTPL policy of any insurance company covering in addition UAH 100 000.00. Thus, the total compensation amounts up to UAH200 000.00. The cost of the product is UAH 150.00 per year.

"Doctor on the road" polis provides health insurance for the one insured in case he/she will be affected in result of an accident. Insured in this case can be a pedestrian, cyclist, car driver, car or public transport passenger. Insurance coverage of UAH 100 000.00 provides the organization and payment of medical services and medicines at all stages of treatment: calling the ambulance, hospital staying, outpatient treatment. The cost of the product is UAH 250.00 USD per person yearly.

Easy and convenient way of making the contract is among the benefits of the products: after acquiring the policy in the bank the one needs to activate it using the internet at any convenient time and manner.

In case you have additional questions, please contact the Call Centre of the bank or a specialist of the nearest branch.