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Piraeus Bank entered the med-sized banks group according to NBU classification
12 January 2015

As a result of banks’ activity in 2014 and the rearrangement of banks within the groups, the National Bank of Ukraine moved Piraeus Bank from the group of small-sized banks to the med-sized banks in terms of assets, where the Bank was ranked 14th place and 49th in the overall classification. In the 4Q Piraeus Bank was ranked 69th with total assets of about UAH 3 billion.

Promotion in the classification is an important step in its development and proves its stable operation and reliability of the financial institution.

In accordance with the Resolution #614 as of 12/30/2014 the Commission on supervision and regulation of the banks’ activity of National Bank of Ukraine has defined the limits of the assets of particular banking groups in 2015. The main criterion for this year was an asset size, while previously when determining the bank’s belonging to a certain group also took into account the amount of regulatory capital.

Banks’ rearrangement according to groups takes place once a year. Currently there are 16 the largest banks, a group of large banks increased to 19 institutions and there are 33 med-sized banks, the only group that has decreased is the one of small banks – decrease up to 95 institutions. Overall, there are 163 banks in Ukraine as of 1 January , 2015.