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Piraeus Bank is a partner of "Best Accountant of Ukraine - 2014" competition
04 December 2014

Piraeus Bank is a partner of "Best Accountant of Ukraine - 2014" competition, which finished on 28th November, 2014 at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. Contest organizer is Accountants’ Club of Ukraine, a non-profit professional institution.

According to the results of the second stage of "Best accountant of Ukraine" the finalists divided in the following way: three of them were from the commercial sector and the other three - from the budget. Their essays were selected by an expert jury of those jobs that were submitted for the contest.

The finalists of the competition were: S. Protsenko, L. Sopronyuk, O. Sumatohin, V. Shasherin, P. Ivanchenko, T. Kovalenko, S. Zuber.

At the final stage it was necessary to reveal the ability in solving problems the professional community is facing. It was necessary to show the ability to express their ideas in the following areas in short, clear and understandable way:

- Improvement of the tax system. An integral part of the accountant is planning tax payments - the implementation of the taxation budget. Members had to introduce three ideas in the areas where they felt a need to improve the tax system in Ukraine.

- Formation of the tax system. By what should the accountant be guided when constructing the tax system and what principles of taxation must be considered when determining the tax system?

- Assessment of book keeping in Ukraine. Participants shared their ideas on how they as the ones who practice, assess the current state of book keeping in Ukraine. Does the book keeping, reporting and control provide with the objective information about the state of the business, protecting the interests of the state and the working class?

- Public mission of accountant. Participants will present their thoughts on the issue of what is the mission of public utility and relevance of the accounting profession in Ukraine.

During the competition, the jury asked additional questions to assess the level of professional judgment of the participants.

The winner in each category was given the opportunity to make a public report to the participants of the panel discussion, during the awarding ceremony of "Best accountant of Ukraine" competition.

Accountants’ Club of Ukraine is a non-profit national professional organization, which unites Ukrainian accountants, government officials, lawyers and auditors to satisfy and protect the legitimate rights and interests of its members in development of modern methodology in the field of accounting, introduction and establishment of relevant scientific developments in accounting standards in Ukraine, as well as the protection of the public interest in the professional sphere and other spheres of public life.