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Piraeus Bank offers a financial risk insurance for VISA Gold cards
19 June 2014

Insurance of the cardholders’ financial risks provides funds reimbursement that were lost as a result of robbery or theft, skimming (fake cards), card theft, as well as recovery of stolen documents with the card.

Duration for the insurance is 2 years. Reimbursement for a reinsurable event is provided within 15 days from the date of the taken decision for the repayment.

If the reinsurable event occurred the Visa Gold card holder should do the following:

1. Inform the bank about the incident:
- Within 30 minutes of sms-informing on the card operation which he did not commit
- Within 2 hours of finding out that the card was lost or stolen.

2. Inform the insurance company within 2 working days from the date of detection that the card was stolen or an unauthorized transaction provided.

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