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Piraeus Bank Offers a New Attractive Deposit "Happy 20.09%" for Christmas Holidays
05 May 2011

Dear Clients,
Piraeus Bank is offering you a lucrative deposit that allows obtaining the interest at the rate of 20.09% per annum in year 2009.

Any depositor who wishes to obtain the interest upfront at the rate of 20.09% per annum from the bank incorporated in the international banking group may open a 3 month deposit account in UAH and take advantage of five indisputable benefits:

  • Obtaining the interest upfront as a Christmas gift – the interest amount is paid upfront the day the deposit amount is credited into a deposit account.  
  • Taking advantage of one of the most lucrative interest rates in the market – 20.09% per annum – offered by the bank that is a part of a strong international banking group!
  • The deposit is a short-term one. With the deposit term being only 3 months, the depositor gets the interest rate offered by other banks with international brands for substantially longer periods  (1 year and more);
  • The day the deposit is registered, "Free" account – an account that allows withdrawing and depositing funds on a daily basis and obtaining the increased interest at the same time – is opened for the depositor. The interest on the deposit "Happy 20.09%" is paid into "Free" account. If the depositor keeps the funds in this account, he shall earns "the interest on the interest" and in doing so shall have the possibility to withdraw such funds in cash at any moment. At the end of the deposit term the deposit amount shall also be transferred into "Free" account;
  • There are no limitations in terms of the minimum deposit amount (the minimum amount is 1 UAH), there are no fees!

Attention! The offer is valid only till January 30, 2009. 
To know more about the Christmas offer "Happy 20.09%".  

Note. Piraeus Bank S.A. is one of the major banking institutions of the Southern and Eastern Europe with the assets totalling to  52.86 bln (as of 01.10.2008). Established in 1916, Piraeus Bank today has a regional network of more than 860 branches and offices in Greece, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Albania, Serbia, Cyprus, as well as in the world financial centres – New York and London. Over 14 000 professionals work for Piraeus Bank Group.

JSC "Piraeus Bank ICB" is a legal successor of International Commercial Bank Open Joint Stock Company. On 13th of September 2007 Piraeus Bank S.A. announced of the completion of the process of acquiring 99,6% of share capital of International Commercial Bank.

The regional network of Piraeus Bank covers 13 regions of Ukraine. As of 01.11.2008, the bank's net assets amount to 2 346 mln.UAH, deposits of individuals total to over 312 mln.UAH, the loan and investment portfolio amounts to 1 995 mln. UAH, the bank's equity amounts to 62.8 mln. EUR, and the financial result is 20.2 mln. UAH.

Piraeus Bank ICB is a member of the Association of Ukrainian Banks (AUB) and a participant of the Fund of Guaranteeing the Deposits of Individuals.